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Covid Free Online For Business Started August 2021


How Covid Pandemic Hit Malaysia Small Business and Medium Sized Enterprises?

• 43% small businesses in the Malaysia already temporarily closed and no longer having any income.

• According to MCO impact business survery, MNCs reported losses excess RM500 million during the covid-19 pandemic in Malaysia.

Only essential service allows to open during the lockdown.

During Covid companies including large conglomerates and large companies are not spared such as facing immediate cash flow problem.

Brian Choo

CEO, Founder in Invaber Solutions

Invaber Solutions Help Business Go Online During Covid For 100% Free

Through this Covid Free Online Campaign, Invaber wish to help as much business as possible to sustain their businessses especially small businesses during this Covid hard time.

Hopefully by going "Online" with SEO Marketing, at least giving some business, a promising hope to continue their businesses.

Covid Free Online 1.0

100% Free Invaber SEO Digital Marketing Basic Package with Website for Business. SEO Package worth RM 2,500.

Requirement to Apply

  1. Website not completed.
  2. E-commerce not completed.
  3. YouTube Marketing not completed.
  4. Google My Business not completed.
  1. Having physical shop or having physical office.
  1. Less than 10 employees.
  2. Less than RM 500,000 per year sales.
  1. Any states in Malaysia.
  2. Malay language SEO is available.
  1. Registered under SSM or any Government Authority.

Invaber Solutions reserved the right to approve any application even the requirement is met. For example, we will reject any application related to illegal businesses or not interesting businesses and etc.

Apply for Covid Free Online 1.0

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Covid Free Online 2.0

For who missed the Covid Free Online 1.0 will be have opportunity to participate on this campaign. We still looking for sponsor to start this campaign. Any sponsor interested on this campaign can contact Invaber Founder Brian Choo WhatsApp 012-642 8933


How Covid-19 impact businesses?

• Malaysia’s gross domestic product (GDP) had shrunk 3.4% in 2021.

• Worst performance since the 1998.

• Devaluation of the Malaysian ringgit (MYR).

• RM 2 billion per day during MCO.

Covid seriously impacted the Malaysian economy and the country's gross domestic product (GDP).

Business impact of the global economic crisis.

Malaysia's ministry finance already announces economic losses of RM2 billion per day during period of movement control order (MCO).

Brian Choo

CEO, Founder in Invaber Solutions

How Covid impacts SMEs?

• 37.7% of SMEs no sales/revenue during MCO.

• 40% of SMEs to face financial problem.

• 50% SMEs not able to survive more than 2 months.

• RM 2 billion per day during MCO.

SMEs are negatively influenced by lorry services.

In Covid-19 business impact survey, there is a significant impact on SMEs as 37.7% of SMEs no sales/revenue during the MCO.

The worst case, SMEs affected by Covid-19 is more than 50% SMEs not able to survive more than 2 months, if they provide full time pay.

Due to this another problem arises, that is unemployment rate reach 4.9% this year.

How restaurant business has suffered badly due to MCO enforcement and forced to close?

Social distancing and work from home are new factor that shock restaurant businesses.

For example, closure of businesses during the MCO period are bubble tea street in SS15 Subang Jaya and Hard Rock Café in Kota Kinabalu.

Not only restaurant, other recreational activities also severely affected due to stay at home orders.

For example, the temporary closure or shut down of cinema, gym, pub, bar, amusement park and many more.

How Covid effects furniture SME?

The Covid-19 pandemic has seriously impacted furniture industry.

Due to Covid-19, several ways impacted. Example decreasing household income directly impact private consumption. Even Malaysian International Furniture Fair (MIFF) (Kuala Lumpur) disrupted.

Conclusion effect of Covid-19 is economic activity slowing down.

All still remaining uncertain when will go back to business as usual.

To remain economic growth already very hard, even further sight of reduction.

How construction industry affected by Covid-19 and impact on Malaysia?

The Malaysian construction industry businesses had badly impacted and face severe difficulties.

Building materials and supply chain disruptions cause no work being carried out.

Besides that, extra cost of equipment rentals and many more.

Knock-on effects of this will cause all business activities slow down or stopped.

How Covid effected or EMCO impact travel business or travel company?

Impact of Covid-19 to the tourism industry such as shut down of Holiday Inn Resort (Penang), Kinta Riverfront Hotel (Ipoh), Hotel Istana (Kuala Lumpur) and many more.

This happens due to travel restrictions. During MCO, Malaysia still recorded a loss of RM 600 million daily.